Massage Therapy

Each session includes a complimentary 15-minute consultation, where we discuss your health history, goals, questions, and concerns in order to create a unique session based on your needs. Aromatherapy, hot stones, and Reiki energy healing are (optionally) added at no extra fee.

*Prenatal (pregancy) massage option is included in the below pricing. It is appreciated, although not necessary, to specify that you are pregnant when booking.


30 minute Massage… $55

45 minute Massage… $70

A good choice for those new to massage, or have a single area of concern, such as a tension headache or acute muscle strain.

60 minute massage… $90

Popular for those who are looking for either:

1.) Full-body massage without an area of focus

2.) Focused, therapeutic work on a problem area, with any extra time for secondary area of concern or remainder of body



90 minute massage… $130

2 hour Massage… $165

When you’re looking to get true therapeutic work on two or more problem areas, or a detailed full-body massage from head to toe.